Noosa and Batteries

November – December 2021

Peter’s heart check-up was scheduled for a clinic down on the Sunshine Coast, so we took Neon for a 12 hour drive from Airlie (I don’t think he noticed).  I quite like that drive as there is plenty of changing scenery(although there are still lots of areas of road works).

Neon travelling to Noosa

Over the last couple of months we’d had the apartment repainted, recarpeted and added a new tiled area at the entrance (lots of paperwork for that, to make sure that the underlayer goo really did dampen sound).  The work certainly freshened up the place.

There was a lot of rain around that week, but we spent a goodly part of our time in Noosa inside anyway, we were there to finish off the maintenance; changing door knobs, towel rails and that kind of thing to match the new paintwork.  We also replaced the ceiling fans with a new type that is super quiet, replaced the drier that was not super quiet, and bought a new lounge suite that didn’t have bits of cane sticking into delicate places when you sat on it.

When not doing maintenance, I was trying to wade my way through a 1960s crochet pattern for a lacy dress (I’m still working at converting all that donated yarn from Perth – it may take years at the rate I crochet).  I ended up drawing myself a stitch chart – bingo.

Between rain fronts we managed to get up to the Eumundi markets, where Peter was hoping to replace some of his tee-shirts.  Unfortunately, that chappy that used to sell them no longer had a stall at the markets, so we had to console ourselves with a cupcake back in Noosa.

We found a lovely little coffee shop at The Junction and Peter swears this is the best cupcake he has ever eaten. It is a Lemon Meringue cupcake, with real flavour in every sugary bite.  The shop is called ‘Fiona’s Fancies’ – so yummy (Note to self to take an umbrella and go for a walk tomorrow.  I wonder what the ‘distance per cupcake’ is?)

“She put me on hold?!?”

Peter was still doing phone lessons with Dotty for her new iPhone.  She hasn’t tested out the fall detection yet, but is having a lot of fun going back and looking at the photos that we’ve sent to her phone.  Because they automatically sync with her larger iPad she can now see them clearly – she is an apple convert.  Mind you one of her complaints was that she had apparently died!  She told Peter that the watch had lost her heartbeat, but it turned out that she had hit something and turned that function off.

It is always busy on Noosa Front Beach

After a week of relaxing maintenance at the apartment, we went back to Airlie Beach to do some less relaxing maintenance on the boat.

Presenting Miss Bulging Beauty 2021.

The house bank of batteries in the lazarette had not been holding charge particularly well lately.  It seems that the batteries we had used in Darwin to replace the originals were not up to the job. Fortunately, Peter had an electrician on the boat while we were away doing a small job but while he was there, he smelt a strange smell and upon investigation found one of the large house batteries was trying to burst out of its casing- not good. He made the area safe, and we arranged to purchase a complete set of ‘Full River’ batteries which have a good reputation. But replacing a whole bank of batteries after only 18 months does makes the eyes water financially.  And we are due to leave for Christmas in Victoria in a few days, so absolutely no panicking at all to get the job done.

Removing the Windlass/Bow Thruster battery from under the front bedroom floor.

Pugwash thought we had best do something to help the younger and stronger battery installation dudes.  So, we took out the two batteries that are a straight lift.  He loves his pulley thingy (so do I, no lifting, just guiding).

Removing Miss Bulging Beauty from the lazerette

With each battery weighing 72kg,  it’s be clever or risk messing up your back or crushing a foot.

Boat Works:

Replace house bank batteries.

Refuelled boat with 4000l, ready to head off North when we get back from Victoria.

Modifying the flopper stopper lifting mechanism. I’ve sent him up the pole again.  We are re-roping the flopper stoppers with dyneema line and two sets of pulleys to make it easier to lift the plates.  It’s really hot and sweaty, so we do a little bit of the job and then retreat inside to the aircon. Peter does love his Bosun’s chair for these high up jobs.

Banner Photo: Noosa Front Beach

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